Oil Regeneration System

AST Series - Oil Recycling Machines


  • 50 to 525 Gallon per day all recycling capacity depending on water content.
  • Vacum Jet dehydration removes dissolved water to less than 50 ppm. Optional DT-100 water separator can remove 90% to less than % of free water with wS1 automatic water drainage.
  • WM1 On-line Water Monitoring sensor is capable of reading water in oil reservoir in % or ppm by insert sensor port into oil reservoir. WM1 can also control water dehydration time until water content in oil reservoir is less than set ppm value.
  • PurePack Chemical Treatment can remove oil oxidation that causes high acidity in Total Acid Number (TAN), solid perticulate and dissolved water.
  • Multiple function oil purifier for batch to batch or continuous operations.
  • Full automatic operation PLC (Programmable Logic Control) with analog signal and digital control operation and BK EEPROM memory storage with 4.4” LCD graphic touch screen display and keypads
Oil Regeneration System
Oil Regeneration System
  • Vacuum Jet Dehydration is capable of removing dissolved water from 30,000 ppm or 3% to less than 60 ppm with dehydrating tank for more water removal efficiency.
  • Remove approximately 10 ox to 4 quarts of dissolved water in one hour.
  • Dehydrating gear pumps with tandem motor.
  • Immersion flange heater with 12 watts / inch2 low watt density.
  • Remove particulate down to 1 to 3 micron of get ISO 14/11 to ISO 13/10 oil cleanliness.
  • Absorb emulsified water down to less than 100 ppm.
  • Remove oxidation by-products causing high acidity in Total Acid Number (TAN).
  • 25 to 150 GPH Flow capacity by dual gear pumps with over 90% filtration efficiency.
  • Pre-filter element has a high dirt holding capacity having 2 types of filter element in 5 micron, 12 micron and 24 micron.
Oil Regeneration System
  • DA-1 De-Aerator unit is capable of removing dissolved gas or entrained air from oil. It is a very economical way to degasify the oil as a better alternative to conventional vacuum distillation technology.
  • DT-100 Free Water Separator removes 100% of free water from oil. DT-100 can drain 20 gallons per hour of free water. Media pack contains 320 square foot of surface area for excellent water separation. Bio-filration in media pack creates balance of micro-organism growth in settled waste water. Free water is automatically drained with WS1 water sensor.